Wednesday, February 13, 2013

winter in minnesota

we recently got back from our first trip back home in over a year. it was SO GREAT to see family and friends!!! and amazing to visit one stop shops like target again, what a timesaver!!! (or timeWASTER as i tried on a ton of things, then bought nothing. dangit denmark! you took the fun out of unnecessary shopping!)

it's funny, i had completely forgotten what winter in minnesota was like...and we visited during insanely cold days (-7F or -21.6C!) and freezing rain storms (inhibiting 77% of our party guests from driving anywhere). i feel so un-minnesotan complaining about cold weather! (what happened to me?!) but on the plus side, the snow made the woods behind my parents' house just beautiful, and on warmer days i was able to take ollie out in the carrier which was really nice... combining what i love about both a danish AND a minnesota winter :)

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