Tuesday, December 4, 2012

advent calendar

i wanted to make an advent calendar this year after pinning inspiration on pinterest all year long. so on the morning of december 1st i got up early and just started cutting. to make this project you will need:

cardstock (in two colors, three if you want a contrast star)
an x-acto knife
a cutting mat (or in my case--the back of my sketchbook)
fun patterned washi tape

freehand cut both the squares (approximately 2" x 2") and numbers. tape them up to the wall into any shape you like. i did a tree, but it could be fun all in a row or as a square too. as the days go by, tape a contrast color to the back of the numbers until you reach the 24th.

i love that against our white wall it looks very much scandinavian! :)

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