Wednesday, October 12, 2011

design*sponge craft + book party

i was lucky to craft with the lovely grace (and amy!) of design*sponge at anthropologie for her book tour, and it was SO MUCH FUN!!! we created custom wooden wax seals using wooden dowels and woodburning tools. I had never used a woodburning pen before and let me just say, it is NOT like drawing with a pen. AT ALL. as a project that used materials i wasn't familiar with, it ended up being pretty easy and i was super excited with how my little milo turned out!

i also sat at the same table as erin, laura, kara and jen from red stamp--the cutest bunch! they have the best app for sending really fun and well-designed cards through your iphone or ipad! check it out here.

the even MORE exciting part of my evening was hanging out with bff dana all night!!! and dinner with mike tv at convention grill too, YUM.

(doesn't my chevron attempt look like charlie brown's shirt???)