Tuesday, November 30, 2010

happy belated thanksgiving!

hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving with family and friends, getting a lot to eat, and having time to relax! we went to wisconsin for the weekend where i spent time knitting and reading while indoors, and enjoying pleasant strolling weather while outdoors. i took this shot of lake du bay from the car...it looked the same as it would in summer, just frozen in time.

ps. if you still have turkey left over, i've invented the turkey scramble and it's delicious. mix eggs, shredded turkey, mashed potatoes, and cheese in a frying pan, then enjoy!

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Christopher Monnier said...

Since I don't eat dairy products or eggs, the only thing I would have liked in the Thanksgiving scramble was the turkey. But I can verify that those that tried the Thanksgiving scramble were indeed delighted by the dish.