Monday, November 30, 2009


image from {this is glamorous}

it's been a busy time since i last wrote...we had 2 BIG weddings (congrats dana + mike! yay steph + court!), i dislocated my kneecap (my hyper-mobility means no surgery needed, but no driving or snowboarding for awhile, finished steph + court's thank you cards, then designed notecards [and screenprinted onesies with dana] for finch's holiday time boutique (come stop by this weekend!). and in between all that, chris and i have been slooooooowly trying to purge our house. PHEW.

you may think that i have been too busy to share my (obviously amazing) stories with the world but i have been tweeting away, so if you miss me lots you can always see what i'm up to. in the likely event that you don't want to go to twitter (it's ok, most people don't) i promise to post again really soon.


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