Thursday, March 26, 2009

busy, busy, busy

do you ever have one of those weeks? i feel like i have been constantly moving all week long and have gotten so little sleep i nearly fell asleep TWICE today during meetings! blah. here are things i have started/accomplished this week though, which is pretty good for me:

got printed + hand cut missy's save the date cards
designed/printed/wrote birthday thank you cards
sketched + practiced embroidery for michelle's (now belated (big surprise)) baby present
made the 100th post thank you cards (see above)
knit part of becca's bike tube cover
screenprinted v.v. onesies
tried knitting baby booties
did loads of laundry and [mostly] packed for 11 days worth of travelling

it'll all be worth it when i am sleeping on the plane tomorrow...on my way to sunny california to visit jayson + michelle + baby!!!

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