Wednesday, December 3, 2008

minnesota monthly is my friend

some really exciting news--minnesota monthly has featured elisa's craft sale in their december issue...and my baby monster cards were pictured!!! elisa has kindly scanned and highlighted the article, so here it is for your viewing pleasure. also, thanks so much to christy desmith for putting the accent on my name, i really appreciate it!

ps. bff dana should totally have been called out as my "printed baby clothes" partner-in-crime because v.v. would never have existed without her...and that's a fact. so when you read the text, just whisper "and dana" quietly to yourself. (good job)

pps. i feel like i'm famous, YAY!!!

hope to see you at finch's boutique next weekend!!!
dates and times: sat. dec. 13th 11-5 / sun. dec. 14th 12-5


Dana said...

you ARE famous!
(and thanks for the shout-out)

Christopher Monnier said...

Alright, I'm married to someone famous!