Thursday, July 10, 2008

twin pops

i found out about this design contest on ponoko that was only a 10 day long event...but to my disadvantage i didn't actually see it until the last day, and only had about 2 hours to get something submitted. i quickly read a 30 page PDF of how to use their website and created a laser-ready design, created a showroom, opened a pay pal account, and re-drew my design semi three-dimensionally to post it. (i am no industrial designer) was a stressful 120 minutes but i think it would be pretty neat if i moved onto the next round and got to see my design actually made!

proposed material: 0.12 inch thick red transparent acrylic with etched design and laser cut charm hole.

don't these guys look familiar???

1 comment:

Michael said...

LOOK! Hot Dog on a stick!

it'll win hands down! good job vat!